Art Exhibition
Larla Morales
October 2021 - February 2022
310 N Washington St. Seymour, TX 76380



Larla  Morales (b.1992) is an American Filipino artist of Visayan descent living and working on the Rolling Plains, based in Abilene, Texas, her work has been directly informed and inspired by the lands of Texas and The Southwest. An interest in art and art-making processes from ancient times to the present day and a lifelong love of rocks and minerals has culminated into an ongoing exploration of soil and earth samples, mindfully gathered, on her travels through plains, prairies, rivers, canyons and deserts. These samples are then utilized as raw pigments or further refined into various art mediums, such as encaustic pigments, oil paints, watercolors and pastels. Within her creative process, curiosity takes the lead revealing interconnected paths of thought throughout legends and ancient lore, anthropology, science and art. This has given rise to an ever-deepening connection to the dazzlingly complex biomes, peoples and traditions that make up our local and regional geographies and cultures. The pigments, media and techniques within this body of work seek to bring the past, present and future to the fore, connecting the present with the artistic, geographic and biological heritages and histories of all who come before us. 


Larla Morales is currently an artist in residence at Very Good Artists creative spaces in Abilene, Texas and an active Artist Member of The Center for Contemporary Arts. 

Artwork That is Currently on Display